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I have a lot of ViewModels in an App and most of them are declared and referenced as Static Resources in the XAML of the Views. Now I need to implement some comprehensive logging of ViewModel invocations and was hoping to use some form of interception e.g. with Unity; but it appears I'd need to substitute, i.e. wrap or inherit ("instance" or "type") in Unity and basically create a proxy imperatively/dynamically in code which seems to rule out declaring the ViewModel class in the XAML. So are there any workarounds toward using interception and keeping declarative ViewModels?

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If you declare your view models in XAML Unity is not in control of object instantiation. That means the container does not have the chance to wrap your vm with a proxy/interceptor.

Caliburn Micro offers the concept of a View/ViewModelLocator that connects view and vm automatically. You can use it in combination with Unity to create your vm's. That should enable you to intercept and trace invocations.

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