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I am running arch linux and scripting in python 3.3 I want IDE like features (auto complete, syntax checker etc). I've installed rope, rope-mode and pymacs. Does ropemacs support python 3.x?

If not, suggest alternate ways (I'm ready to consider vim if I get above mentioned features).

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there's also elpy.el which tries to wrap up all these things for you, but i'm having trouble with it myself. it works pretty great, except the latest version keeps trying to add a snippets dir for my project that doesn't exist –  Josh McGee Sep 17 '13 at 17:02
Upgrading scripts (even emacs) is sometimes terrible process. –  Chirag Sep 17 '13 at 17:12

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The original rope library does indeed support Py3k according to its webpage


pip install rope_py3k

or download it from PyPi.

Then you install Pymacs, from its website


pip install ropemacs

or download again from PyPi

Particularly, Python 3.3 got released on 29-Sep-2012 after the last commit to the rope_py3k sourcecode which happened on the 25-Jun-2012 (as of this writing).

So the major new features of Python 3.3 (compared to Python 3.2) which are (based on my personal preference) can not be supported explicitly:

  • yield from to easier delegate/forward values from one generator
  • Allow u'unicode' syntax again (existed in >=Py2.7 and
  • Exception hierarchy for IOErrors, based on class OSError
  • time.perf_counter() et al. to time durations with high subsecond precision
  • New in stdlib:
    • ipaddress,
    • lxma (compression),
    • unittest.mock,
    • venv (integrates PyPi's virtualenv)

(For a full list check the Python 3.3 release note)

So, while autocompletion for the new stdlib modules, the new functions, the new exception classes might not work, the biggest stumbling block might be the syntax addition to the yield statement.

But I would suspect that rope (or any auto-completion IDE for that matter) introspects any imported module to check which functions/methods/variables are available for autocompletion. So all of the above might (and arguably should) work.

I'd certainly give it a try. Not having the yield from detected might not be an issue at all. I'm not a user of rope myself, but got interested due to your question.

Good luck!

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Yes rope is py3k compliant, but neither Pymacs nor ropemacs are py3k compliants. You need to edit pymacs.el to comment lines 508 and 509 where pymacs use the str.decode() method that does not exist anymore in py3. ropemacs is not py3k compliant. Don't ask me if that works under Windows... –  Jérôme Radix Apr 28 at 13:06
Pymacs is now py3k compliants (just use PYTHON=python3 as you make install), the problem is that ropemacs and ropemode are not –  rano Jun 29 at 11:25

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