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I am new to Processing development environment, I did my homework and all I found is to import processing libraries into Java IDE (eclipse) and use debugging, I am wondering if there is a PDE plugin that can help with intellisense and debugging as for small sketches PDE is very convenient.

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I'm afraid not, using a dedicated Java IDE is your best bet. The closest thing is this tool which just makes it easy to visualize and navigate sketch members but no debugging/autocompletion. – George Profenza Feb 13 '13 at 11:08
Thanks, I use Sketch-Outline, its a nice add-on for navigating through the types, I still miss intellisense and debug features, I ported my project to Eclipse and it is working fine so far. – Swathi Feb 14 '13 at 20:36

Unfortunately you can't get those features within the compact Processing development environment.

You can get autocompletion/intellisense with a decent Java IDE like IntelliJ or eclipse. Personally I'm pretty happy with how the Proclipsing eclipse plugin integrates with Processing (easy project export, library management, etc.)

Check out this video guide on setting up: Proclipsing video snapshot

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If you use the latest Processing 2.0b7 version, and enable the 'EXPERIMENTAL' mode (top right corner), you have access to a small set of tools (breakpoints, step by step) and a realtime debugging console. It can't compare to other platforms such as VS or Eclipse, but it is a good start and gets some of the work done.

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I've never tried, but for Processing 2.x there is this tool for debugging. It has been discussed in this topic in procesing forum.

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Since the launch of Processing 3, debugging is now a native feature of the Processing IDE.

In the screenshot below, you'll see a new Debug menu. I set breakpoints on the setup() and draw() methods as indicated by the <> marks in the line numbers. To the right is a popout window listing variable and object values, etc.

enter image description here

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