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I want to create a simple web services in Jax-RPC using Apache Axis.

I also want to implement spring nature to it.

I am new to Jax-RPC, could some share some references.


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Apache Axis and JAX-RPC are to independent frameworks for creating web services. Nobody could answer your question because there is no correct answer for it. What I can do is just give you some links to gets started with so that you could get better understanding what is JAX-RPC and Apache Axis.


From all of your previous question related to this one, I am assuming that you need to support rpc/encoded WSDL style. Well, JAX-RPC and Axis will do that. Don't know how to do this via JAX-RPC but this is some hints how to do this with Axis and Spring:

Create two classes:

import org.apache.axis.EngineConfiguration;
import org.apache.axis.Handler;
import org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd.WSDDProvider;
import org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd.WSDDService;

public class WSDDSpringProvider extends WSDDProvider {

    public static final String PROVIDER_NAME = "SPRING";
    public static final String PARAM_SPRING_BEAN_ID = "springBeanId";

    public String getName(){
        return "SPRING";

    public Handler newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
        throws Exception {
        return new SpringProvider(service.getParameter("springBeanId"));


And another:

import java.lang.reflect.Method;
import javax.servlet.Servlet;
import javax.servlet.ServletConfig;
import org.apache.axis.MessageContext;
import org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPConstants;
import org.springframework.web.context.WebApplicationContext;

public class SpringProvider extends RPCProvider {

    private String springBeanId;

    public SpringProvider(String springBeanId) {
        this.springBeanId = springBeanId;

    protected Object makeNewServiceObject(MessageContext msgContext, String clsName)
        throws Exception {
        Servlet servlet = (Servlet)msgContext.getProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLET);
        WebApplicationContext wac = WebApplicationContextUtils.getRequiredWebApplicationContext(servlet.getServletConfig().getServletContext());
        return wac.getBean(springBeanId);

    protected Object invokeMethod(MessageContext msgContext, Method method, Object obj, Object argValues[])
        throws Exception {
        Method proxyMethod = obj.getClass().getMethod(method.getName(), method.getParameterTypes());
        return proxyMethod.invoke(obj, argValues);


Make them as a .jar file and put it into your classpath. These classes are handlers that your Axis web service's implementation class could be exposed as a Spring bean.

In Axis WSDD file configure java:SPRING provider for the web service which you want to expose as Spring bean. Define unique value for parameter springBeanId. For example (from WSDD file):

<ns:service name="TestService" provider="java:SPRING" use="literal">
   <ns:parameter name="springBeanId" value="webServiceImpl" />
   <!-- ... -->

Define your web service implementation as Spring bean in WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml, for example:

<bean id="webServiceImpl" class="your.pkg.WebServiceImpl">

After these steps you are able to use your web service implementation class as common Spring bean.

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@User222 JAX-WS has superseded JAX-RPC. If you are implementing , consider JAX-WS. Also read :… –  user1428716 Feb 13 '13 at 20:28

Please look into the documentation provided by spring:

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