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I have this:

< h1 style="position: relative; top: -103px; left: 700px; border-width: thin; border-style: dotted; border-color: grey;">
< small>Three Stars Of The Week</small>

It gives me a heading with a grey dotted line that ends way past the heading ends. It goes to the end of the page.

How do I fix it so that the border goes only around the letters, not all the way to the end of the page?

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h1 is a block-level element, so this is expected behavior. Put its content in an inline element (such as span) and style that instead.

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It is obvious since <h> (header 1 to 6) tags are block elements so it will take from the start to end of the page. Try using display:inline-block. Something like this

Your CSS class

  top: -103px; 
  left: 700px; 
  border-width: thin; 
  border-style: dotted; 
  border-color: grey;
  display:inline-block; /* style to make element as inline but block */

Your element

< h1 class="head-class"><small>Three Stars Of The Week</small></h1><br>
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