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I am trying to understand Javascript concepts from https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/JavaScript/A_re-introduction_to_JavaScript . Please see the code below;

function personFullName() {
  return this.first + ' ' + this.last;

function personFullNameReversed() {
  return this.last + ', ' + this.first; 

function Person(first, last) {
  this.first = first;
  this.last = last;
  this.fullName = personFullName;
  this.fullNameReversed = personFullNameReversed;

I am confused why function personFullName() is called like

this.fullName = personFullName;

why it is not called like;

this.fullName = personFullName();

And same for the below;

this.fullNameReversed = personFullNameReversed;

I know functions are objects in javascript but i am unable to understand this concept?

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Because the Person object is assigning itself a method, not the results of a function. That is the reason it doesn't call the function.

This way you can do this.

var p = new Person("Matt", "M");
p.fullName(); // Returns "Matt M"
p.fullNameReversed(); // Returns "M, Matt"
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