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I installed fetchmail.

debian@debian:~$ fetchmail -p POP3 -u myaccount

Enter password for
2 messages for myaccount at (23852 octets).
reading message of 2 (10814 octets) flushed
reading message of 2 (13038 octets) flushed

Where is my mail? how can i download it into /tmp?

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If you have no ~/.fetchmailrc, your mail was handed down to local MTA (that is, your local mailserver -- exim, postfix, ..., whatever listens on your localhost port 25). Set up your local mail properly before adding fetchmail to the picture. – Anton Kovalenko Feb 13 '13 at 6:19

By default, fetchmail will deliver to the local SMTP server. It is in its configuration that you need to decide where the mailbox is stored.

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