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I'm using tkinter with Python to get a query from the user and print the contents of each entry in a loop. However, only the text of the the last entry gets printed. What should I do to fix the problem?

for i in range(len(labels)):
    label=Label(V,text=i, relief=RIDGE,width=8)
    entry = Entry(V, relief=SUNKEN,width=30,justify=RIGHT)
    def showevent (event):
        print entry.get()

    entry.bind("<Return>", showevent)
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This is a common misconception with closures. Basically, entry is looked up when the function is run, not defined. The simple fix is to make it a default argument:

def showevent(event,entry=entry):
    print entry.get()

This works because default arguments are evaluated at the time the function is created, not when it is called so you always get the entry that you want.

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