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How must I declare the SelectedItem property in my Viewmodel/Model to save the SelectedItem from a Datagrid to it , so that the Datagrid's property SelectedItem has a Binding to the SelectedItem property in my Viewmodel/Model. What kind of datatype I must use? I did a test with a String property, but if I debug the string has the value: System.Data.DataRowView

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Show your ViewModel and View –  Andrey Gordeev Feb 13 '13 at 6:43

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Your SelectedItem should be of the Type of which your Collection binded to the DataGrid is. Like if your Datagrid is binded with the Collection of Type Student , then your SelectedItem must be of Type Student.

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Ok, now i have the answer. I declare a selecteditem property of the datatyp DataRowView and then i bind it to the datagrids selecteditem property. then i have in my viewmodel the selected item in the DataRowView property.

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