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its not an error it only warning


in .h file

-(void)updateFromTable:(NSManagedObject*)mObject:(NSString *)key:(NSString *)value;

'mObject'Used As Name of the previous parameter rather than as part of selector

.m file

-(void)updateFromTable:(NSManagedObject*)mObject:(NSString *)key:(NSString *)value{

    [mObject setValue:value forKey:key];
    [self save];
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To avoid the warnings such as Parse issue: 'aVariable' used as the name of the previous parameter rather than as part of the selector you get while compiling you should use:

in .h-file:

-(void)updateFromTable:(NSManagedObject*)mObject key:(NSString *)key values:(NSString *)value;

and in you .m-file:

-(void)updateFromTable:(NSManagedObject*)mObject key:(NSString *)key values:(NSString *)value
// your cool code goes here!

and You should use:

[self updateFromTable:myObject key:myKeyString values:myStringWithValues];

or for better clarity:

[self updateFromTable:myObject 
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