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I need these 2 items in my array to show up on the stage. For now these are all the items in the array. The question is how do I add these 2 objects to stage using array?

for (var b:int = 0; b < csa.length; b++)
    csa[1].x = 27;
    csa[1].y = 214;
    csa[2].x = 9;
    csa[2].y = 833;

currently with this it is giving me this error :

TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter child must be non-null. at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChild() at SkoolBook_fla::MainTimeline/frame26()[SkoolBook_fla.MainTimeline::frame26:10]

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Array index starts from zero, not from one. So when there are two valid items in csa, the valid elements are csa[0] and csa[1]. csa[2] is not valid. You need to use 0, 1 instead of 1, 2 as indexes. addChild is throwing error when it is called with an undefined element (csa[2]).

Just a note not related to the error:- I don't see any reason of using loop when you are accessing two elements directly.

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heeh yah i am still trying to learn about the programming structures :p but these were originally choices that I needed access to..this was the only way I knew. can u tell me the otherway without looping –  tailedmouse Feb 13 '13 at 7:27
You do not need the loop when you are using csa[0], csa[1] directly. You are not using loop index b. If you use loop then you should use csa[b] instead of accessing both elements directly inside the loop. –  taskinoor Feb 13 '13 at 7:31
oh I see thank you very much.. I did that instead :D –  tailedmouse Feb 13 '13 at 7:32

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