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Is it possible to "add" another profile to perlcritic default profile, or run perlcritic with multiple profiles? I do not want to skip/replace the default profile. I need to add an additional profile to it.

I know I could export current profile and append my additions, then use that as the default profile. But in that case I should make sure I'll do the same thing after each perlcritic update since the default profile might have been updated.

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Minor edit suggestion, Link should be for 'I know' . –  daa Feb 13 '13 at 9:26
Can you clarify your meaning a bit? Are you saying that you have an existing .perlcriticrc file that the team/project uses (i.e. your "default") and you would like to override that with an additional (say, user-specific) profile? –  Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer Oct 18 '13 at 8:19

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Your .perlcriticrc modifies the default profile, rather than replacing it. There's the --only command-line option, to tell it to only use the policies listed in your .perlcriticrc, and skip the default profile. You can also specify this within your .perlcriticrc, by putting only = 1 above the first named section of the file. If you don't specify --only on the command line, or only = 1 in your .perltidyrc, your .perltidyrc will modify the default profile, rather than throw it out and replace it.

See the perlcritic POD for more details.

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