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Sometimes when I write a wrong script, I really have no idea why it doesn't have the expected effects. For example, the following script:

nnoremap gr :call Look_For_String()<CR><C-L>
function! Look_For_String()
    exe "grep -R " . expand("<cword>") . &dir

The function is to search the current word under cursor in directory &dir, but it doesn't do as expected. So I want to know what command it executed.Is that possible?

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What I would do in this case is replacing the :execute with :echomsg, re-source the script (:so %), and re-execute.

For more complex situations, you can set the 'verbose' option. With a value of 15, every Ex command is printed. Since the display often interferes with the script's functionality, it's often advisable to redirect the diagnostic output to a file by setting 'verbosefile', too.

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