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I would like to join two tables and display the data from the other table in prestashop backoffice.

catalog > products

I'm a newbie, I want to ask how to insert or to code this on prestashop.

I have 2 tables:

  • parts: is not from presta its a custom table from other website.

InvPartNo | InvPartDesc
#123      | testprod

Id | InvPartNo
1  | #123 

I want to make it I want the InvPartDesc to be added in the description of the product list in Admin (BO) | Catalog > Products.

Id | InvPartNo | InvPartDesc
1  | #123      | testprod
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Something like this should work

    ps_products.Id, ps_products.InvPartNo, parts.InvPartDesc, 
FROM ps_products
LEFT JOIN parts ON parts.InvPartNo=ps_products.InvPartNo
GROUP BY ps_products.Id
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