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I have tried to find this answer, but can only find it in pieces which I'm having trouble putting together.

Assume I have:

aList = [["Monday", "2.03","4.03"],["Tuesday","4.03","5.03"],["Wednesday","3.2","4.3"]]

I would like to iterate over this nested list and change the numbered string values to floats.

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aList = [["Monday", "2.03","4.03"],

def helper(s):
    try: return float(s)
    except ValueError: return s

aList[:] = [[helper(item) for item in subl] for subl in aList]
print aList


[['Monday', 2.03, 4.03], ['Tuesday', 4.03, 5.03], ['Wednesday', 3.2, 4.3]]
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good one.... +1 – avasal Feb 13 '13 at 8:26
for item in aList:
    item[1] = float(item[1])
    item[2] = float(item[2])
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This ans is simpler and more pythonic. Of course if we sure in data – S.Kozlov Feb 13 '13 at 9:14

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