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How do I get emacs Dired to ignore uninteresting file extensions?

I put the following in my .emacs file:

(require 'dired-x)  
(add-hook 'dired-load-hook '(lambda () (require 'dired-x)))  
(setq dired-omit-files-p t)  
(setq dired-omit-files  
(concat dired-omit-files "\\|^\\..+$\\|-t\\.tex$\\|-t\\.pdf$"))  

...but C-X D still shows me .pdf and .tex files. Did I get the syntax wrong in that last line?

Bonus question: Is there a way to get Dired to hide hidden directories, like .git folders?

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Your regexp will match *-t.tex files, not *.tex ones.

With recent version of Emacs, it should be sufficient to add the following section to ~/.emacs to filter what you want:

(require 'dired-x)
(setq-default dired-omit-files-p t) ; this is buffer-local variable
(setq dired-omit-files
    (concat dired-omit-files "\\|^\\..+$\\|\\.pdf$\\|\\.tex$"))

Update: by default, dired-omit-files regexp filters out special directories . and ... If you don't want this behavior, you can just override defaults (instead of inheriting them with concat):

(setq dired-omit-files "^\\.[^.]\\|\\.pdf$\\|\\.tex$")

The regexp ^\\.[^.] will match any string of length 2+ starting with a dot where second character is any character except the dot itself. It's not perfect (will not match filenames like "..foo"), but should be ok most of the time.

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Thanks! The above seems to also remove the .. at the top of my Dired buffer that allows me to navigate up directory without needing to press ^. Is there a way to restore the .. navigation, but still hide folders like .git? –  Peter Salazar Feb 13 '13 at 10:19
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