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I am trying to force uppercase in some ComboBox

<s:ComboBox id="cbStocks" width="200" height="30" fontSize="16" dataProvider="{this.knownSymbols}" />

I tried the setStyle approach suggested by flexexamples without success

cbStocks.setStyle( "typographicCase", TypographicCase.CAPS);


cbStocks.textInput.setStyle( "typographicCase", TypographicCase.CAPS);

both throw an exception

RangeError: Property typographicCase value caps is out of range

How do you force Uppercase in a ComboBox?

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You can create a custom formatter to achieve this:

public class CapsFormatter extends Formatter {

    override public function format(value:Object):String {
        return value ? value.toString().toUpperCase() : "";


and then use it as follows:

    <f:CapsFormatter id="capsFormatter"/>

<s:ComboBox labelFunction="capsFormatter.format">
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