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I have a table with two fields: day and hour, but only day field takes value, maybe it's a knockout bug or something weird I can't understand is happing.

This is the view (jade rather html):

                    label(for='dates') Datas
                        span.required *
                        span(data-bind='visible: dates().length > 1')
                    ul#list-dates(data-bind='foreach: dates()')
                                input.input-small(type='text', name='dateDay', data-bind='value: day, hasfocus: true')
                                span -
                                input.input-mini(type='text', name='dateHour', date-bind='value: hour')
                                a.btn(href='#', data-bind='click: $root.addDate')

This is the javascript:

var DateModel = function(day, hour) {
    var self = this; = ko.observable(day);
    self.hour = ko.observable(hour);

function DateViewModel() {
    var self = this;
    self.dates = ko.observableArray([
        new DateModel("", "")

    self.addDate = function() {
        var pos = self.dates().length;
        pos = pos-1;

        console.log("Day: " + self.dates()[pos].day());
        console.log("Hour: " + self.dates()[pos].hour());

        if (self.dates()[pos].day() != '' && self.dates()[pos].hour() != '')
            self.dates.push(new DateModel("", ""));

ko.applyBindings(new DateViewModel());

When addDate is pressed it suppose to check day and hour entries added before to create new fields. Thanks!

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Your "hour" binding is not working because you have miss-typed the data-bind attribute.

You have:

input.input-mini(type='text', name='dateHour', date-bind='value: hour')

Which should be

input.input-mini(type='text', name='dateHour', data-bind='value: hour')
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Thanks nemesv, was my fault. Worked for me. The first field seems to be weird, a weird behaviour, it requires to tabs to blur I think it's because the "hasfocus" property. I'll check out some solution for it. Ty again! – Ito Feb 13 '13 at 16:56

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