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Is there any third party tools available to Monitoring WCF Service?

I have created WCF Service with 5 Methods (OperationContracts) and Hosted in IIS. Does there any tool available to specify how many times each method was called and what is Request and Response of the each call ? (Similar to SQL server profiler).

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What's wrong with WCF tracing ? – David Brabant Feb 13 '13 at 10:02
@DavidBrabant, I know WCF Tracing will give complete info. But i just want know like how many times the individual operation get called. AppFabric tool provide Dashboard which will do complete monitoring also supports historical data.. – Prasad Kanaparthi Dec 15 '13 at 9:44
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Use standart tracing and diagnostic tool for WCF, and work with .svclogs using SvcTraceViewer.exe application. If you host under IIS, use AppFabric. It a great tool, when you can easily manage the settings of your services, including tracing and diagnostic. There is a nice article about using it

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The AppFabric Dashboard provides a centralized gateway to view and manage the health of WF and WCF services deployed locally or to a server farm. It exposes real-time data from the Persistence database and historic data from the Monitoring database, and it allows you to “drill down” to examine instance and WCF Call metrics in greater detail.

AppFabric helps to monitor WCF service like How many time the operation is invoked, Errors/ Faults and also supports historical data.

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