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When I'm developing in NetBeans I have a lot of confusion due to the amount of tabs open. In most cases the controller has the same name of the view or model. In the convention style guide they say that you can prefix a controller file name with a custom suffix, but doesn't work. My question is, there is any chance to end all the controller files with "_controller"? In my example the class is class Verify_login extends CI_Controller { and the file is named verify_login.php. Tried with controller.verify_login.php like they say in the guideline but as I say, doesn't work. Lots of confusion in codeigniter's documentation.

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Since the controller is the only thing exposed in the URL, I usually name my views and models with an indicator like "user_view" or "user_model". The controller would just be "user" and in this way I always know which file I'm working on.

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