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I have an application in c# that is multi lingual.

Now the second language is arabic.


In resource file i added the string as say:


It is displayed as Hello in XP While olleH in windows 7

Any help is appreciated


We reverse the string i.e. Hello to oellH as while copying the arabic string they are reveresed

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Are XP and win 7 region and language settings same? Especially settings for non-unicode languages? – VladL Feb 13 '13 at 12:02
@VladL I am not sure. Can you please tell what need to be change – Moons Feb 13 '13 at 12:22
look into windows control panel / regional and language settings and compare them – VladL Feb 13 '13 at 12:36
@VladL Yes they are same. DO i need to install some language pack first – Moons Feb 13 '13 at 12:39

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The problem is with XP and not windows 7.

For XP i need to go to Region and Settings in control panel.

Click second tab "Languages"

Click Thai.. Support checkbox

And click ok

It will ask for XP cd

and that's it.....

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