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I want to know what this code means;

int box = 0;

int value = GetValue(); // get an int value from somewhere

box |= (1 << value);

operators are confusing me.

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have you looked up the "confusing" operators in some kind of reference? If you don't know where to start, search: "C++ operators" –  Nim Feb 13 '13 at 10:29
@Aneesh atleast you should have posted, what is the confusion..... –  Amitg2k12 Feb 13 '13 at 11:03

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box |= (1 << value);


box = box | (1 << value);
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Do you have any reference material? Or you could just look them up on Wikipedia.

x |= y is short for x = x | y, which does bitwise-or.

x << y shifts x to the left by y bits.

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You should look up such basics in the Internet prior to asking the question on SO.

| is a bitwise or, which works as following:

a   b   a|b
0   0    0
0   1    1
1   0    1
1   1    1

For example, 12 | 7 == 15, because 1100b | 0111b == 1111b.

a |= b is a shorter way of writing a = a | b.

<< is a binary shift left operator. a << b equals to a * 2b.

So box |= (1 << value) should be translated as box = box | 2value.

Effectively this code sets value-th bit of box to 1, counting from 0.

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these are compound operators

box |= (1 << value) is equivalent to

box = box  | (1 << value)

<< is left shift operator

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box |= (1 << value) is equivalent to box = box | (1 << value), which at first shifts 1 bitwise to the left by value bits and then it takes that value and makes bitwise or with box.

In other words, if value is let's say 7, then it sets 8. bit (from the right, top-right bit is 1.) of box to 1.

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