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I'm dropping a external file in the browser (chrome), but the onload function doesn't fire.

drop: function(e) {    
    var file = e.dataTransfer.files
    var reader = new FileReader();
    reader.onload = function(file) {
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If console.log("drop"); is executed, than I would try to move reader.onload before reader.readAsDataURL –  FAngel Feb 13 '13 at 10:35
sry wrote this wrong at the first time i changed it –  AdrianoCelentano Feb 13 '13 at 10:37

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ok i got it i have to write

var file = e.dataTransfer.files[0]

instead of

var file = e.dataTransfer.files

This is the kind of typos im living for :)

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happens to the best of us! lol! –  Brian Feran Feb 18 at 1:05
Brian, please don't make fun of 2 year old posts i asked about languages i have no idea about ;-) –  AdrianoCelentano Feb 20 at 18:06

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