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In phpmyadmin how can I add some text to an empty field but ignore all other fields which already have some text.

I can add text with the following command but it wipes out all the other text.

UPDATE products_description SET products_description = "new text"


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UPDATE products_description SET products_description = "new text" WHERE columnid = x

Replace columnid with the primary key column name, and x with the value of the entry you want to update

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In your insert query do not enter other fields but those fields will get default or null values

inert into yourtable(required_column) values('yourval')

or update query with using a primary key

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You can use where command -

Update products SET products_description="new text" where id=1;

something around that logic

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you have to try this query it will work fine...

UPDATE products_description SET products_description = "new text" WHERE products_description = ""

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perfect! thanks –  John Feb 13 '13 at 11:02

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