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I have a pdf file which I want to open in a Windows Forms Application and perform following tasks-

  1. View the pdf document
  2. Zoom +/- document
  3. Search Text
  4. Highlight a specific text
  5. Show it in a listbox/dropdown
  6. select those words and highlight in pdf
  7. Remove selection/Highlight.

I have tried using certain libraries like pdfSharp/iTextSharp even Acrobat Reader OCX control.

Its really bugging me..is there any help??

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I'd suggest looking at some means of converting the PDF if you don't have a direct need to edit it. Even then, it may be easier to convert to a different form, make changes, and then convert back. PDF is a form of PostScript, which makes it powerful, but also makes it a mess to deal with and my personal preference is to skip that headache. Not always avoidable (had a lot of fun creating Thai support in PDF print@home ticket creation once without bloating the document beyond unusable), but highly recommended where possible.

Anyways, there are a variety of PDF conversion libraries out there, some of which may be available for .NET. Worst case, you may need to create a managed C++ layer to allow your C# code to access them.

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Doesn't acrobat reader OCX already have all those features ? What exactly doesnt the OCX do that you need to do in your code ?

You might try contacting Adobe and getting their full SDK for PDF. It might have controls which you can use to solve your problem.

Come to think of it , is there even an SDK for PDF from Adobe ?

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