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I am writing a TCP client for iOS. I want to put my all the networking stuff in a separate thread. Because of that I create a class which does all network reading and writing stuff.

@implementation ConnectionManager

//some stuff
// some networking stuff

//The constructor
//some intialisation codes


(void)stream:(NSStream *)theStream handleEvent:(NSStreamEvent)streamEvent {
//networking stuff here

There is method in another class which calls the constructor of this class.And that method called via a new thread. So the ConnectionManager and the networking stuff inside it runs in a another thread. Now I am having a problem. When I run the app only the first message is sent to the server. The server sends the response but my iOS client is unable to grab the server response(server is sending the initial response). After that nothing happens no communication between the server and the client happens. Also there are no errors or exceptions. In addition if I remove the threading part the app works perfectly. I am wondering whether the background thread which has the networking code is not getting a chance to execute by the main thread. May be it can be a another problem which I could not figure out yet.

Also using wireshark I confirmed that the client sends the initial request and server sends the initial response. Both request and response are in the TCP stream. For some reason the client is not getting the server response and because of that the communication is not continuing after that.

How can I get rid of this issue? Any help will be highly appreciated.

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You should use an proxy app called Charles to check the data going and coming, maybe you'll find out that you getting the response but it dies on another thread ... – Ondrej Feb 13 '13 at 17:19
I am using wireshark and when the client sends the first request the server also sends the initial request. Both requests are in the TCP stream. But the server response is not received by the client and the communication is not continuing after that. – deltaaruna Feb 14 '13 at 6:22

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