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def btnClick(self):
    filereader = open("Login.txt", 'r+')
    dataload = filereader.readlines()
    for line in dataload:
        (username,password) = line.split('|')
        UN2 = username
        PW2 = password
        if (UN==UN2) & (PW==PW2):
            tkMessageBox.showinfo("Success", "Successfully login!")
            tkMessageBox.showinfo("Error", "Incorrect login credentials!")

I have the code above for the event when the user clicked login button, Im using notepad as a database and this is the data inside


I think my codes are right but when I run it, it always says incorrect even I entered the correct data. Can you please help me identify my mistakes.

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You should be able to use a simple print statement to output the values that you read from the file, and compare them with what you actually entered.

Since .readlines() does not strip the line-breaks, the lines/passwords you read from the file always end with a \n character.

You should remove that; a simple way is to just call replace('\n', '') or rstrip('\n'):

(username,password) = line.replace('\n', '').split('|')

or use


instead of filereader.readlines()

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