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  1. IE7 & FF2.0
  2. IE8 & Opera 9+
  3. IE7 only
  4. IE8 & FF3.5
  5. IE7 & Safari

I encountered this question in a quiz. Don't have all browser to experiment with. Thanks for any help.

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Sorry to raise this type of question here. I would have referred Thanks Peter-Paul Koch for your efforts. – rajakvk Sep 28 '09 at 3:56
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According to quirksmode:

  • IE8 (as IE8) and Opera 9.6.2 and 10 will render it correctly;
  • Safari 3/4, Chrome 1+ and Konqueror render it incorrectly; and
  • other browsers do not render it at all.
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Thanks for point quirksmode. A wonderful reference. – rajakvk Sep 28 '09 at 3:59
  1. NO & NO
  2. YES & YES
  3. NO
  4. YES & NO
  5. NO & YES*

*Safari supports run-in when it occurs before an element with display: inline. This should not happen. So technically, it is supported, but has issues.

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