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I'm using DBUnit to populate the database so that its content is a known content during testing.

The db schema I'm working on is in an Oracle 11g instance in which they reside other db schemas. In some of these schemas has been defined a table to which has been associated with a public synonym and on which have been given the rights to select.

When I run the xml that defines how the database must be populated, also if the xml file doesn't contain the table defined in several schemas, DBUnit throws the AmbiguousTableNameException exception on that table.

I found that there are 3 solutions to solve this behavior:

  1. Use a database connection credential that has access to only one database schema.
  2. Specify a schema name to the DatabaseConnection or DatabaseDataSourceConnection constructor.
  3. Enable the qualified table name support (see How-to documentation).

In my case, I can only apply the solution 1, but even if I adopt it, I got the same exception.

The table that gives me problems is defined in 3 schemas and I don't have the opportunity to act on it in any way.

Please, someone could help me?

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AmbiguousTableNameException might also be thrown if the same table is specified more than once in a DataSet, e.g. new DefaultDataSet(new ITable[] { new DefaultTable("myschema.mytable"), new DefaultTable("myschema.mytable") }); – Markus Jan 4 at 11:13

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I found the solution: I specified the schema in the name of the tables and I have set to true the property (corresponding to org.dbunit.database.FEATURE_QUALIFIED_TABLE_NAMES).

By this way, my xml code to populate tables look like:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

where SCHEMA is the schema name, TABLE is the table name.

To se the property I've used the following code:

DatabaseConfig dBConfig = dBConn.getConfig(); // dBConn is a IDatabaseConnection
dBConfig.setProperty(DatabaseConfig.FEATURE_QUALIFIED_TABLE_NAMES, true);
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I had the same AmbiguousTableNameException while executing Dbunits aginst Oracle DB. It was working fine and started throwing error one day.

Rootcause: while calling a stored procedure, it got modified by mistake to lower case. When changed to upper case it stared working.

I could solve this also by setting the shema name to IDatabaseTester like iDatabaseTester.setSchema("SCHEMANAMEINCAPS")

Thanks Smitha

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In my case,

I granted dba role to user, thus dbunit throw AmbiguousTableNameException.

After I revoke dba role to user, I solve that problem.

SQL> revoke dba from username;
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