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I need to create a model having a structure like this:

name: 'xyz',
relatives: [ {name:'abc',age:'123'},{name:'def',age:'123'}..... ]

What i have is a loop which in each iteration generates data for relatives. And i have a model in this state like:'xyz'


  1. How to push relatives data in this model? I need to understand that how one can construct model instances having nested objects structures to any level?

  2. I am setting the context of model to the window object so that its accessible in all the views as i collect data from different views. Like name is collected in some other view and relatives in some other view and this goes on....So am i doing the right thing? Or i am polluting the global namespace.

Please shed some light as i am sure i am lacking some fundamental understanding here.

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Is this really a Backbone.js question? Do you have code you can share? – DashK Feb 13 '13 at 22:24
yes it is for backbone.js. The code just have lot of dependencies and i will need to put many functions to present it completely. Please see to what i exactly want to ask. I just need to know the way to form a json object representing my model. Hope this helps. – beNerd Feb 14 '13 at 5:58

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