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I've created a new file in application/libraries/fnmemcache.php, with:

namespace Laravel\Cache\Drivers;
class FNMemcache extends Sectionable {
   // ...

When I set the "fnmemcache" driver in the cache.php config file it doesn't detect my new cache driver. I've also tried with the method Cache::extend() in start.php but it's the same thing.

Having a look at the cache.php file (factory method) in laravel directory it seems it would never work as it have a switch with the predefined cache drivers and if we don't specify one of them an exception is thrown. This would be easy modifying the core, but of course I don't wanna do that.

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Dunno much about Laravel, but the factory method is only called if the driver method doesn't find a driver. Assuming the driver method is being called first, and you've extended, it should work. – Waleed Khan Feb 13 '13 at 12:24

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Firstly, if your driver is located in application/libraries you shouldn't be namespacing it under Laravel\Cache\Drivers. So you should have class FNMemcache extends Laravel\Cache\Drivers\Sectionable instead.

You mentioned the Cache::extend() method, this is what you need to hook into. Check out this line, see how it first checks for any existing registrars? This is how you register your own drivers.

The Cache::extend() method actually adds your driver. Your closure should return an instance of your driver.

Cache::extend('fnmemcache', function()
    return new FNMemcache;

You can then set the config, or use the driver at run time.

Cache::driver('fnmemcache')->set('key', 'value');
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