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I am trying to format the display of tags for my blog. I can list tag1, tag2, tag3 etc...just fine. I even figured out how to eliminate the last comma with this:

{% if not forloop.last %}, {% endif %}

my question is... How do I a deal with "and"?

for example: tag1, tag2 and tag3.

here are the rules

if two tags = and with no comma separation. if 3 or more tags = 2nd to last gets "and" never a comma or and at the end of a list.

I was hoping I could create those display rules in jinja2 with something like this...

{% if loop.index == forloop.last - 1 %}and {% endif %}

of course, this code results in

raise TemplateSyntaxError, "'if' statement improperly formatted" TemplateSyntaxError: 'if' statement improperly formatted

I have a feeling someone is going to tell me do this in the app; not the template.. BUT please explain why... Should I do this with a custom filter?

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Are you applying any markup to the tags within the loop, or simply producing a plain-text string of names? –  robots.jpg Feb 19 '13 at 21:57
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It's recommended to remove as much logic as possible from templates so you can focus on presentation and avoid adding points of failure to page rendering, but there are always borderline cases.

You will keep a much cleaner looking template if you define a custom filter similar to the built-in join. Here's an example accepting a list of plain-text tag names and returning a string:

def join_tags(tags):
    if not tags:
        return '(no tags)'
    elif len(tags) == 1:
        return tags[0]
        return ', '.join(tags[:-1]) + ' and ' + tags[-1]

app.jinja_env.filters['join_tags'] = join_tags

Template usage:

{{ tags|join_tags }}

If you also add markup within your filter, you must apply the safe filter to the result so it will not be escaped.

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I'm a year late, but this the right answer. –  jwogrady Apr 8 at 7:24
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