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I am creating header file for the fist time in dev c++ I have created add.h and add.cpp according to proper format. I don't know where to store them and when I am using header, it is showing many errors

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This is not a question. –  grigy Sep 28 '09 at 7:01

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Typically my headers look like this:

#ifndef ADD_H
#define ADD_H

class Add

and I save them in the same directory as my .cpp files.

In the implementation file:

#include "add.h"

And then in the main cpp file:

#include "add.h"
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You forgot the ';' at the end of your class. Why including the header in the main.cpp file. Just include it in each file where class 'add' is needed. –  Patrice Bernassola Sep 28 '09 at 7:47

Doesn't matter where you save them, just put them in the same directory.

You include the header in your .cpp file like this:

#include "add.h"

Try googling for some beginner C++ tutorials.

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The problem that it is showing many errors is that you may have written incorrect code. You can start a new question, paste the part of code which you think is cause of the error, with a little description about your code and we'll happily help you out :)

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