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When I add a new post in my tumblr account, automatically that post of tumblr would be sync with my wordpress account. Its not necessary that at sync time I have to be logged in wordpress. In simple words, tumblr post will be automatically shown to wordpress blog. I donot know how it will work. If any body have any plugin or api which match to my requirement. I will very much thankful.

i am using this plugin :- http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tumblr-importer/

But problem is that i have to import every time post is added in tumblr.Hope that makes sense. Its really annoying for me. TIA

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You would have to do it every time.

Duplicating content like that in a WP.com blog will cause Google to assume you're a spammer, propagating the same material around the web (which you want to do). They will then drastically reduce the search engine rankings of both blogs; Tumblrs have virtually no Googlejuice, but WP blogs have a great deal, and this would destroy that.

WordPress.com is not an aggregator; it's a blogging platform. Facebook, Friendfeed, and to a lesser extent Tumblr are aggregators. You can pull FROM a WP.com blog to Tumblr, FB, FF, etc, but not the other way around. Staff have set things up so that content here has to be original to here.

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