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my question may seem a bit complicated but let me clarify.I want to Open a custom camera.

enter image description here

I try that but not do this type of open custom camera like above image , this isn't really exactly what I wanted. As I am making an iPhone application,SInce I am new to AssetsLibrary.framework its getting difficult for me to do the same.IF any one can provide me a link for its demo or can explain me how to open custom camera like above image , then it would be of great help to me . Thanks in andvance

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Use assets library and customize the camera overlay and add it as overlay view. if you need a sample project you can get from here. fileconvoy.com/… –  vamsi575kg Apr 2 '13 at 10:15

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I think you can use CameraOverlay for this.And try to use the method [Camera takePicture] to click the pick. Check for camera customization using Overaly view, you will find the answer.


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