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I heard using sqlite for long data transition from database is not efficient so I am planning to use FMDB for iphone but want to know if core data is better or not?

What will be an efficient way to do it. tnx in advance.

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FMDB is just an Objective-C wrapper around sqlite. As such, it does a good job. However, Core Data, when using sqlite as a back-end, may be even more efficient than using sqlite directly, and the framework also provides additional advantages.

Core Data Pro: faster in almost all of the cases, less work to do (Core Data may automatically enforces referential integrity, when setting an entity on one side of a relationships Core Data automatically sets the entity on the other side of the relationships etc).

Core Data Cons: very steep learning curve, especially for advanced features.

Definitely, I recommend switching to Core Data, especially if you did not start your implementation. The time required to learn how to use it will be more than repaid later.

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