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Use Case:
I am working on an image uploader which uses ajax upload function.I want to upload images to a subdomain user creates on the website.For example,when the user creates a domain on the website I copy a php script for uploading images to the new domain viz upload.php.I want to send a request to this file when the user uploads any image to his domain.

I am not able to set up a cross domain upload script.New to this and studying on the topic to get it right.

I went through web and found a few scripts that would allow cross domain communication for example this one.I tried implementing this,but it seems to work only with GET and POST and not with FILES,hence I don't get the image parameters when I try it using $_FILES.Not sure why!!

I am using ajax uploader for uploading the image,as the functionality has to work asynchronously.

   new AjaxUpload(btnUpload, {
    action: 'includes/modules/domain_creation/proxy.php',
    name: 'image',
    onSubmit: function(file, ext){
        if (! (ext && /^(jpg|png|jpeg|gif|JPG|JPEG|PNG|GIF)$/.test(ext))){ 
            alert('Only JPG, PNG or GIF files are allowed');
            return false;
        $('#thumbImg').html('<img src="http://localhost/gobiggi_VS_2_2/images/appImages/imageLoader.png" />');

Proxy.php is the proxy file.The proxy.php file points to the upload script on other domain.
May be I have to use cURL for achieving it,but I am not much familiar about how it would be done?If someone could help me out ,it would be great.

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maybe base64 the images client-side, send them with POST/GET and get the image from the base64? PHP: – Wurstbro Feb 13 '13 at 13:03
@Wurstbro I have the upload script on the domain created by the user.I have to call the upload.php from my domain.I would prefer writing a script or have something which is concrete as I am not sure about the security issues here! – coderunner Feb 13 '13 at 13:07
@DainisAbols Can you please elaborate a bit with a code snippet if possible.I am new to using cURL and not getting a start from else where!Thank you for the prompt reply! – coderunner Feb 13 '13 at 13:09
If you check for filetypes in javascript you're not adding security tbh. Users can rewrite your functions if they want to. After decoding the base64 server side you could check the filetypes etc. . You should never validate (only) client-side, always do it server-side – Wurstbro Feb 13 '13 at 13:12

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