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I'm curious what advantages if any the Autodesk Scaleform framework has for game development in actionscript? When compared to say, Starling? I assume it also uses Stage3D.

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can you help me with a few beginners questions ? 1. what IDE is used to develop using scaleform ? 2. What programming language scaleform support , considering i need to make a plugin for 3rd party jar file ? –  Khay Nov 11 '14 at 11:33

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You can`t really compare Scaleform and Starling, because both use different runtimes.

Scaleform is a tool for creating GPU accelerated user interfaces for games. You can use Adobe Flash IDE to create your interactive interface but once it is done, the interface is handled by Scaleform runtime. As far as i understand it uses classical display list but renders it using GPU (pretty much like renderMode=GPU in Flash runtime). So if you create a Scaleform app it will not run on regular Flash Player or AIR.

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