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I've developed applications which handle a connection between a PC and an Android phone via Wi-Fi. I try to send a lot of data really often. The TCP/IP protocol, which I used, allow me to achieve just low speed - around 1 Mbit/s. I found that with 802.11n standard we can achieve speed up to 150 Mbit/s. I've set my router to use only 802.11n standard, but I didn't notice any improvement.

What level of speed should be expected? I understand that part of data is lost, but is there any better solution? Any ideas? Where can I find some information to better understand this topic?

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You should expect much better performance running 11n with TCP/IP, perhaps 20 Mbit/s in a good environment. But since it is radio, the medium is shared between all users of the air so it is not easy to give a good answer that is valid everywhere.

A tool to test your network throughput is Iperf available on Google Market for your Android device and on Sourceforge. You could use this to see if it is your application or external factors that might affect performance.

If you want to debug it further, you could use Wireshark together with a Wi-Fi sniffer card to see individual packets/transmission rates and retransmission.

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