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I want to stop default browser action CTRL+S and have my RIA save the form data while user press this key combination for our application.

We are using ExtJS 4.1.x

Similar solution here using jQuery: Best cross-browser method to capture CTRL+S with JQuery?

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Here is how I usually do it in ExtJS apps (last case statement below), it seems to work well for me:

// attach key navigation to document
Ext.getDoc().on('keypress', function(event, target) {
    if (event.ctrlKey && !event.shiftKey) {

        switch(event.getKey()) {

            case event.LEFT :

            case event.RIGHT :

            case event.DELETE :

            case event.F4 : // this is actually the "S" key
                this.saveAll(); // handler

            // other cases...
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This is not cross browser compatible. You need to listen to the keydown event instead of keypress. Also, when listening to keydown, you don't need to listen to event.F4, it will be event.S as you would expect. – Justin Jul 29 '13 at 22:10

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