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Im using something similar to this code:

<?php foreach ($items as $item): ?>
    <div><?php echo $item['Item']['content']; ?></div>
<?php endforeach; ?>

And i'd like to know which element is every item, because i want to add class "last-in-row" for every fourth item in row. How to make something like this code?

<?php for ($i=1; $i <= $items.count; $i++) {
    echo "<div ";
    if ($i % 4 == 0) {
        echo " class=\"last-in-row\""; }
    echo ">$items[$i]</div>";
}; ?>
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I haven't tested it but the following should work.

$i = 1;
foreach ($items as $item) {
  $class = ($i % 4 == 0) ? '' : 'class="last-in-row"';
  echo "<div $class>{$item['Item']['content']}</div>";

p.s. I hope you are sanitizing $item['Item']['content'].

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Won't this mark the first row as "last-in-row"? Surely $i needs to start from 1. – drmonkeyninja Feb 13 '13 at 13:59
@drmonkeyninja good point... as I said, I haven't actually tested it. – Lawrence Barsanti Feb 13 '13 at 14:02
You don't sanitize! You escape - using echo h($value); – mark Feb 13 '13 at 14:16

What you are trying to do could be done with css3. This will mean you do not need to add a class which is fat better as later on you might want 3 or 5 in a row.

div:nth-child(4n+4) {
    clear: both;

The CakePHP option without css3

foreach ($items as $i => $item) {
    echo $this->Html->tag('div', $item['Item']['content'], array(
        'class' => ($i + 1) % 4 === 0 ? 'last' : null
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You nearly had it in your second example, just change $items.count to the value of count($items)

$itemsCount = count($items);
for ($i=1; $i <= $itemsCount ; $i++) {
    echo "<div ";
    if ($i % 4 == 0) {
        echo " class=\"last-in-row\""; }
    echo ">{$items[$i]}</div>";
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This assumes that the index of $items always increments by 1. Using a foreach loop with a counter variable works better as it makes no such assumption. – drmonkeyninja Feb 13 '13 at 14:19
True, I was just fixing OPs attempt. – Dunhamzzz Feb 13 '13 at 14:20

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