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I am reading data from a file:

Some Other Name;2|IN01ALG;IN01ANZ
Another Name;3|
Test Testson;4|IN03MAP;IN01ARC;IN01ALG

I use string.split() for every line I read from that file, like this:

String args[]         = line.split("\\|");                  
String candidatArgs[] = args[0].split(";");

if (args[1] != "" || args[1] != null) { 

    String inscrieriString[] = args[1].split(";");

Thing is: when I reach Another Name;3| after .split("\\|") the second part (args[1]) should be empty, either null or "" (I don't really know).

However I get an Array index out of bounds error on if (args[1] != "" || args[1] != null) (again, at: Another Name;3|)

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From the sample data you posted its possible to get String.split arrays with length 1. You need to do bound checking for this in your code. – Perception Feb 13 '13 at 13:46
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The args will only have one element in it.

if (args.length > 1) {
    String inscrieriString[] = args[1].split(";");
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You need to check the length of your args array.

String.split() returns an array of length 1 for your third line, so that args[1] is out of bounds. You should also use String.isEmpty() instead of != "".

Most likely, you can even skip your additional checks - checking the array length should be sufficient:

if (args.length > 1) {
    String inscrieriString[] = args[1].split(";");
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indeed, check if your args array size > 1. If not, do the code. – Joetjah Feb 13 '13 at 13:46

Check the length of args when splitting and only access the other index if the length allows it (if the args.length > 1).

In this case:

String line = "Another Name;3|"; //simplified for the example

It will return this array:

{ "Another Name;3" }
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String args[]         = line.split("\\|",2);                  
String candidatArgs[] = args[0].split(";");

if (args.length==2) 
    String inscrieriString[] = args[1].split(";");
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args[1] isn't empty or null. It is out of bounds in the array.

System.out.println("Another Name;3|".split("\\|").length);

You would need to check the length of the array before using it.

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I think you can test the length of args and it should return 1 or 2. If it's 1 you know that there's no args[1].

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