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I was trying to GET a binary data using request, and had something like:

        var requestSettings = {
           method: 'GET',
           url: url,

        request(requestSettings, function(error, response, body) {
             // Use body as a binary Buffer

But body was always a few bytes different from expected. After further investigation I found out that request assumed body is string and replaced all non-unicode bytes.

I tried to add

encoding: 'binary'

to requestSettings but it didn't help.

How can I get the binary data?

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OK, after a lot of digging, I found out that requestSettings should have:

encoding: null

And then body will be of type Buffer, instead of the default, which is string.

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Worked perfectly, thanks. But this is completely non-intuitive on the part of request module. –  Sunday Ironfoot Jan 30 at 1:10

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