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I have a small network of machines (2 windows, 2 macs, 1 ubuntu server and 1 fedora). I was wondering if any once could help me with how I should set git up so I can push and pull files both locally and remotely. However I do not want to use github.

So ideally i would like to have git installed on my ubuntu server and then be able to pull and push from my other machines.

So far i have managed to install git on my ubuntu server. init a folder and add/commit files in said folder. Im not too sure on how I can get my other machines to pull and push to this server.

Any ideas would be helpful.

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There is nothing to set up, if all machines have SSH access to the server. Use the ssh:// protocol to access your repo and you're done. – meagar Feb 13 '13 at 13:53
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If you want to push, then you should use a bare repository. On the Ubuntu server, from your home directory, do:

git init --bare myrepo.git

Then on the other servers, just:

git clone username@my-ubuntu-server:myrepo.git

Then pull and push should just work. Use an IP address instead of my-ubuntu-server if you don't have DNS set up.

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You can do in the way described by Robie Basak. If you want to have more fine grained control, you can install the gitolite package. See e.g. here for a step-by-step introduction. You might also want to review the very extensive documentation. If you also want to have bug tracking, code review, wiki and pull requests, take a look at gitlab.

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