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I'm not using a custom TabBarContoller. Instead of this, i created a TabBarController on storyboard and add my ViewControllers from there. However i need to bind a TabBarItem with UIImagePicker just like clicking button to open UIImagePicker, so there is no need to add another empty ViewController i guess..

I'm not able to drag and drop a new TabBarItem it to TabBarController. Is there a way to do this without implementing a custom TabBarController ?

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No, you can't do that -- the tab bar items come from the content controllers, not directly from the tab bar controller. You'll have to add a separate controller, from which you can launch the image picker in its viewDidAppear method, so it will show up as soon as you switch to that tab.

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hmm..i understand but when i dismiss imagepicker at the end of the taking the photo or canceling it, viewDidAppear will be executed again. even if i set a flag as isFlowFinished , it will be become more complicated because after selecting the picture, there are another controllers come in with their navigation controllers. At the end of the whole picking and processing i need to return my first controller. i think the flag thing will make the flow more complicated.. Can you suggest a way to make it simple? –  hgoz Feb 13 '13 at 17:49
@hgoz, it's hard to advise without knowing your controller structure, but if you launch it from viewDidAppear, then you will have to use a flag of some sort. If you want it to return to the first controller when everything is done, then that's the controller you should launch it from. If you're several controllers into a navigation stack when you want to go back to the first controller, then you could use an unwind segue to go back in one step. –  rdelmar Feb 13 '13 at 18:21
ahh, segues! great idea to perform segue and make the navigation stack clear at the end of the flow. thank you! –  hgoz Feb 13 '13 at 18:44

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