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I been looking at IntelliJ and I love the Code Coverage Report for JUnit Test but I would like to know if anyone is using anything or know of any plugs that can be used with Maven to build a report at test time of Code Coverage Report for JUnit Test

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You can use the Sonar plugin for maven

Run with maven sonar:sonar

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I'm currently using EclEmma to see the code coverage for my unit tests. It works exactly as it should. It even allows you to merge multiple coverage tests instead of retesting everything.

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You can use Maven Cobertura Plugin

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Here's an example config that works well with Jenkins.

<!--no longer executed in test phase. Run cobertura:cobertura to generate -->
                <!-- eg.: -->
        <check />


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Thanks Anders but how can I tell it to run the test on only org.<myfirm> packages.. any how can I make jenkins fail if the test vol is low? do you have twitter –  techsjs2013 Feb 13 '13 at 14:39
Have a look at mojo.codehaus.org/cobertura-maven-plugin/usage.html - especially the <check> tag. You can use the <ignore> and <exclude> to leave out coverage checking on certain packages. –  Anders R. Bystrup Feb 13 '13 at 18:10

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