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My ASP.NET page has a lot of HTML elements that are visible/enabled based on conditions, for example:


visibility depends on let's say


Does it make sense to encapsulate this in a property called SectionVisibility such that

private bool SectionVisibility
    get {condition1 && condition2 && etc...}
    set {element1, element2 etc... = value; }

and in Page_Load call SectionVisibility = SectionVisibility?

Assume that I have a lot of conditions.

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It looks to me like there'd never be any point in setting the SectionVisibility - you could just expose the get method –  Matt Whetton Feb 13 '13 at 14:28

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I wouldn't write code like this. It violates POLS.
SectionVisibility = SectionVisibility looks like it doesn't do anything. And it should behave that way.

I would create a method called CalculateSectionVisibility (currently your getter) and one called ApplySectionVisibility (currently your setter).

If they are always used in combination you could squash them together into a method UpdateSectionVisibility.

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