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I'm just new to outlook. Can i do update/delete contacts,appointments,tasks to outlook using ms access? is it the same behavior with the all versions of outlook?

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Yes, you can accomplish this (and more) using VBA.


Getting Started with Outlook VBA

Using VBA to Manage Your Outlook Email Attachments


Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 VBA Language Reference

Here's a typical snippet for creating a task (other items are done in a similiar way):

Dim myOlApp As Object
Dim myItem As Outlook.TaskItem
Dim myDelegate As Outlook.Recipients
Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set myItem = myOlApp.CreateItem(olTaskItem)
Set myDelegate = myItem.Recipients.Add("John Doe")
myItem.Subject = "Prepare Agenda For Meeting"
myItem.DueDate = #9/27/2009#
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Thanks Mitch for the response.. What if i want to delete/update an item? How should i do that? Thanks – Arnold Sep 29 '09 at 3:37

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