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We have test cases that involve comparing web page content with baselines. Though I also have test cases that test stdout from scripts against baselines.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is not the best way to do things for several reasons:

  1. It requires manual intervention when creating the baselines. When a page changes and you need to create a new baseline, a human is required to check that the new baseline is "correct".
  2. It requires some tricky coding in terms of diffing, and how to report those diffs.

Generally, what are accepted best practices in the QA community regarding these challenges?

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why not get the page source from the baseline page and the page source from the page under test and just compare any difference?

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Well yes, that's what we do now. But I am wondering if there are any other types of strategies that are used for this type of thing. I guess maybe baseline diffs are unavoidable. The problem is that someone has to manually review the baseline when a new one is created, and these tests tend to be brittle. I also guess that maybe I should look to see if all these tests could be more focused instead of doing a full diff. –  Aaron Feb 19 '13 at 14:47

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