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I have an scp script that looks like this:

scp -r /usr/local/htdocs/$1 httpd@$2:/local/htdocs

I want to call it from the command line, and pass a directory, and destination server, similar to this:

move_site.sh website  servername

However, I want to capture the output in a file containing the 2 parameters.

So I tried this, but it didn't print anything when calling using nohup

scp -r /usr/local/htdocs/$1 httpd@$2:/local/htdocs > $1$1.out

How can I structure both the script and the calling command so that it runs in the background, and captures the output based on destination and site?

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Your script should work, but maybe there is an error while trying to scp, that's why your output file is empty? To capture error messages to output file aswell, change > to >&:

scp -r /usr/local/htdocs/$1 httpd@$2:/local/htdocs >& $1$2.out

To run your script in background, simply add & at the end of a command:

move_site.sh website  servername &

P.S. website and servername should not include any characters, that are not allowed in a file name if you insist on using them in $1$2.out form.

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If you want to pass two or more words as a single parameter, you have to wrap it with quotes:

$ cat s.sh 
echo "param1: $1, param2: $2"

So we get:

$ ./s.sh "a b" c
param1: a b, param2: c

Following this example, you have to adapt your script in consequence.

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